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Hi, I’m Rachel Sunley – Certified Holistic Health Coach dedicated to helping you reduce stress naturally so you can accomplish the things you’ve always dreamed of doing.

After healing my body of an autoimmune disease and breaking free from nearly two decades of yo-yo dieting, disordered eating habits and low self-esteem, I became obsessed with teaching other women how to create vibrant health without deprivation. I’ve spent the past 10 years helping women get healthy from the inside-out with holistic wellness programs, bridal boot camps, and personal training services.

Starting in 2015, I made a shift to focus on the deeper issues that were holding my clients back from achieving their goals. Today, I specialize in helping women reduce stress naturally using the power of plants, mind body nutrition, and self-care rituals. 

I see our bodies and minds (and our relationships with them) as the foundation for our ability to produce excellence in all areas of our life. I believe our health affects how we work, love, worship, create, and lead. I also believe that you can optimize your health and overall well-being if you choose to. If you’re ready to take the first step, I’d love to show you how.