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Sometimes we look forever for a solution, and sometimes, you stumble onto something that you didn’t even know you were looking for. Meeting Rachel, changed my life, and I felt it from the moment I met her. Working with her has helped me accomplish what I’ve wanted, and gave me so much more than I could’ve asked for.

Jillian L.

Working with Rachel is the best thing I’ve ever done for my health and fitness. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and is a great motivator. The difference in my body since I’ve started working with her is remarkable. She’s fun, friendly and also very professional. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to be gently challenged and wanting to look their very best!

Jaime L.


Rachel’s positivity, encouragement, energy, and enthusiasm motivated me to keep going. She teaches you how to nourish your body with real food and gives delicious recipes that will keep you full throughout the day. I highly recommend working with Rachel! 

Jackie L. 



Working with Rachel has been an inspiring, challenging, and AWESOME experience. I’m stronger and healthier, both physically and mentally. Thank you just doesn’t seem worthy enough. I’m beyond grateful that our paths have crossed!

Courtney D. 

Working with Rachel was an amazing experience. When I started her program, I was overweight and hadn’t worked out in years. She made me feel comfortable and motivated to get started. With Rachel’s guidance, I not only improved my body, but I made changes that will last a lifetime and I truly do thank her.”

Nikki P.

Rachel is caring, friendly, involved and passionate about her work. Since working with her, my strength and confidence have both increased. Week after week, she encourages me to keep going and to believe in myself.

Lisa B.

Rachel has helped me work toward my fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight, get fit or simply feel better.

Christie L.


The most significant change I’ve noticed since with working Rachel has been the improvement in my mental health toward my body and food. I no longer feel negative about my body or guilty after eating like I used to. 

Allison J.



With Rachel’s guidance, I can accomplish anything! 

Christina K.