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1. Commit to Get Fit

Clear your mind and set a goal. Give yourself a deadline. Schedule your workouts in your calendar like you would with other important appointments. Your workouts are JUST as important! Commit to yourself and your goals.

2. Recruit Your Crew 

Numerous research studies have shown that people with strong social support are much more successful at lifestyle change than those who don’t. Get your love and other family members on board, find an accountability partner, connect with other like-minded people, seek out group workouts, and surround yourself with cheerleaders!

3. Nourish Naturally

Clean up your diet and keep it simple. Drink more water and include a green veggie in every meal. Focus on drinking more water and eating REAL food (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, high-quality animal proteins, etc.) so that you have less room for the FAKE food (pre-packaged, processed, artificial “junk” food).

4. Have Fun

Find a physical activity you LOVE so much that it becomes something you crave. It can be Zumba, biking, hiking, Bootcamp, yoga, Pilates, belly dancing, anything! If you love it and have fun, you’ll stick with it.

5. Celebrate Small Successes

You only lost one pound of fat? Don’t fret! One pound is AMAZING. In fact, go to your fridge and take out 1 pound of butter and place it on your countertop. Look at it. You lost that much fat! Congratulate yourself and keep going. And remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Small steps lead to BIG rewards.

6. Forgive Yourself

We all have slip-ups. They’re part of the journey. Don’t beat yourself up. Get back on track and keep moving forward.

7. Lift to Get Lean

Strength training is not just for men! If you want to torch calories, lower your body fat, and sculpt your body, you need to lift weights. Sexy shape means strong muscles.

8. Nurture Yourself

Be sure to listen to your body, take breaks during your workouts, if needed, and rest between your workouts. Recovery between your workouts is just as important to maximize the benefit of the workout and to prevent injury. Post-workout recovery tips is a whole new blog post, so to keep things simple, here are some basic recovery tips: (1) be sure to drink plenty of water, (2) eat your greens, (3) soothe your muscles with massage, foam rolling/stretching, or restorative yoga, and (4) get your beauty sleep (at least 7-8 hours per night).

9. Focus on How You Feel

Consider stepping off the scale. Rapid weight loss is neither healthy nor sustainable. Keep track of other signs of your progress, like how well your clothes fit and how much better you feel.

10. Stay Balanced

How you feel greatly affects your food choices, and vice-versa. Never lose sight of your faith, family, or friends in the process of getting fit. Your relationships, spiritual practice, and a full-filling career also nourish your mind, body and soul.

What are your go-to fitness tips? Let me know, comment below! 

Much Love,